Saturday, August 4, 2007

Fred Thompson

It seems that conservatives are primed for Fred Thompson.

I'm about as excited as Ben Stein got on the Wonder Years.

Why the sarcasm? Fred Thompson might be the next great Republican, but he hasn't shown anything substantial in the least. Put simply, it seems to be that the Christian base is grasping at straws to try and avoid a Guliani President. Until now, the base has been spread out over a number of candidates at which they had huge problems. Romney's Flip-Flopping, McCain's love of Liberals, and finally the social liberal they want to avoid, Guliani.

I can't say I'm against Fred Thompson because he doesn't have a platform...but its for that reason I can't be for him either. The Thompson surge is easy to explain...there's just no other viable Republican alternative.

Prediction: Fred Thompson will continue to surge, and then begin to fail into the fall/winter. Guliani will continue to lead but be vulnerable until the Primaries. Guliani will win the nomination not because of his strength, but because the rest of the field isn't strong enough to take advantage.


Susan said...

Your site is interesting. I admire how passionate you are. How was Disney?

MF Pringle said...

Your incite and passion are articulate. I still think that Fred guy is an idiot... and perhaps so is Bush ;)

kazoolist said...

I'm one of those grasping at straws trying to avoid a Giuliani presidency (or, worse, a Obama, Clinton, or Edwards presidency), but I'm excited about Thompson on his own merits.

Even if the Republican front runners (McCain (ish), Romney, and Giuliani) weren't leaving the door for a "true conservative" so wide open, I think Thompson would still be competitive.

And, although the only pillar of his platform published (so far) on his (pre-?) campaign website is Federalism, the whole of his platform is not hard to figure out.

He made know out a good deal of his positions during his "thinking about thinking about running" March 11 Fox News Sunday interview.

And Thompson, unlike, say, Romney, is embracing his record rather than running away from it. His record speaks volumes. The blog Kung Fu Quip has done a nice job breaking down his positions based on his record.

Finally - there are some nice pieces of conservative red meat out there like this video where Thompson clear supports socially conservative positions on life matters.

Add on to the conservative positions he holds a general likability (moderate friends of mine like him), his Southern "Washington-outsider" charm, and a perceived ability to lead based on his "presidential-persona" and you have a fairly compelling candidate.

Run Fred, Run! :)